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Nneka O.

Blogger, Foodie, Nomad, Taste-maker.

Are there really any brand new food recipes any more, or do we bring our point of view that'll make someone take a little more time savoring that mouthful? I know recipe innovators are out there and they have my immeasurable respect!

But, for the most part, we are biting off of something that already exists and creating something else that is incredible, or bringing in new techniques, or using unusual ingredients, sometimes out of necessity... In our way, we are all creating recipes.

In this little corner i will be sharing a bit of my lifestyle, fine dining (since i travel a lot for work) and food recipes. Some recipes here have been passed down from my mother, some i learnt from friends who were kind enough to share and others i got from books, blogs, the entire internet and added a little bit of me into it. Hope you enjoy this adventure as much as i do.

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